1. Enterprise Guidelines: Respect for Personal Service Users, Advocate Practice and Encourage Excellence 
It highlights the human-centered and market-oriented management concept, and emphasizes the important role of harmonious interpersonal relationships in cultivating team spirit, mobilizing the innovative spirit of employees and stimulating the spirit of dedication. The establishment and implementation of enterprise standards have laid the cornerstone for the construction of enterprise culture. 
2. Business philosophy: honest professional quality service 
To contribute to the environmental construction and protection of China and the world! 
3. Enterprise Spirit - Realism, Innovation, First-class. 
It is the spiritual pillar of enterprise culture to focus on activating every cell that is hopeful to activate in the enterprise, and then to maintain the vitality and vitality of the whole enterprise. 
4. Enterprise's aim is to create market and give back to society.  
While providing power for customers, we should always pay attention to the requirements of human beings for their living environment, and expand the reputation of enterprises while promoting their products. 
5. Enterprise Competition Concept - Cooperation in Competition and Improvement in Cooperation. 
Our colleagues are not enemies. We sincerely treat each other with joint ventures and domestic enterprises in the same industry, have close relations, learn from each other and improve together. 
6. Employment and distribution concept - jobs depend on competition and distribution depends on contribution. 
The criterion is "willing to do, able to do and do well."